See For Yourself!

Take a moment to put the cost of your potential home below. Please note, interest rates are always changing and this is not an exact mortgage quote. It is simply to give you and idea to compare against renting.

Your Losing Money and Time Renting!

Long term renting of homes and large apartments may have some benefits, but few are financial. If you are spending over $2000 a month for your rent, then you need to understand the math. A landlord is going to put a property up for rent and the following is taken into account when calculating rent. Rent = Mortgage+Profit+Maintenance.

The standard mortgage is a 30 year time period. Over those 30 years two things happen. First, your mortgage payments decrease as your principle is paid off. Next, you eventually pay off your mortgage. That means when you go to sell the property you collect all of that money.

Simply put, owning is a better sound financial plan. Always remember, you are paying a mortgage whether you rent or own. If you are renting, then you are paying somone else’s mortgage.

Rent Slayer is More Than a Mortgage Broker

For years, we have seen people living under the weight of renting simply because they think that they cannot get a mortgage. We help people get their dream homes by providing them with the mortgage options that are suitable to their needs. So whether you think you don’t have the money to buy or your credit is too bad, we want to invite you to take the first step in Slaying Your Rent by filling out our online application today!

Conventional Mortgage

If you have a strong credit score and a down payment that meets the criteria necessary, then this is an excellent option for your loan. It allows you more freedom during the buying process and leaves you disconnected from any government programs. Click the link below to learn more.

FHA Mortgage

If you have tried to apply for a conventional mortgage in the past and have been denied, then you should contact the Rent Slayer and look into your options with an FHA mortgage. With a minimal down payment and other benefits it may be just the loan for your needs.

USDA Loans

Looking to evict your landlord and move into a rural area? Then a USDA home loan might just be the thing. USDA provides homeownership opportunities to rural Americans, as well as home renovation and repair programs. USDA also provides financing to elderly, disabled, or low-income rural residents.

VA Home Loan

You have served our country and the Rent Slayer wants to thank you by serving you. While Conventional and FHA mortgages are the standard, there are other options available to Veterans of our nation’s military that may be better for you and your family.

Break Free From the Clutches of Uncaring Landlords!

Waiting for repairs, not being able to paint and make the property your own, not being able to have pets, arguing to get your security deposit back, rent increasing every year, and so much more are all hardships involved in renting. When you own your own home, you get to not only benefit from financial aspects, but you also get to make your house a home and lay down roots without being told how to live in your property. So if you are frustrated renting and thinking that you cannot afford to buy a home, then we want to speak with you today to go over your options.