Loan Options

Rent Slayer Can Guide You to the Right Option

We work with home buyers to help them get the right loan for them.

Navigating the right loan options can be confusing. Ending up with the wrong loan option could leave you paying more in fees and experiencing pay terms that might be out of your reach. Take a look at the options below and contact us today to set up an appointment with the Rent Slayer!


When buying a home, many people choose to go with a conventional mortgage. If you have good credit and money for the down payment then this loan has it’s advantages.

FHA Mortgage

If your credit is not at the best place or you cannot afford a high downpayment, then FHA is an excellent option for you. Contact us today for more info.


When you hit a certain point in life, refinancing can help free up some money and bring you closer to the payoff date. Contact us today for more information.

VA Loans

You have served our country and now it is our turn to serve you. Veterans of our country’s military and qualifying spouses can reach their goals with a loan option custom to them.

USDA Loans

The United States Department of Agriculture has loan options for those looking to move into rural areas. The hard thing is knowing eligibility. Good thing we know all about it!

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