Slaying Rent and Evicting Landlords in New Castle, DE

Helping People in New Castle, DE Slay Their Rent!

Here at the Rent Slayer, we specialize in empowering renters with the tools, advice, and financing needed to slay your rent and evict your landlord. We strive to provide you with a variety of loan programs, competitive rates, as well as service done in excellence.

Renting a home or apartment provides little to no value for you. You have to wait for repairs, repairs are sometimes done poorly, you can’t have pets, you are paying someone else’s mortgage, and you are not getting any of the benefits of the investment of the property.

If you think your credit is bad, you can’t afford it, or owning a home is not possible then we invite you to contact the Rent Slayer and see just how accessible it is.



This is truly personalized support. You get to contact us direct, not a call center.


We stay with our clients through the entire process.


No one will provide you with better service than the Rent Slayer.


We have years of experience helping people get their dream home.


We have connections with realtors and other real estate professionals to help you through the process.


Whether in South Jersey or beyond, our staff is connected to your local communities.

It’s Time to Slay Your Rent!

Before you go house hunting, the first task is to get pre-approved. You can get started today by clicking the link below and filling out our app. Then one of our Rent Slaying experts will contact you.