Why Choose the Rent Slayer


There are so many options to choose from when it comes to buying a home.  So why choose the Rent Slayer? That’s a great question.  Where do we start?

Do we start with the fact that our team has over 60 years of mortgage experience? And that our back end team has been rated the best FHA/USDA Lender in all of South Jersey? Or that we have a stellar reputation in the industry not only to get the job done, but do it in excellence and on time?

But that really doesn’t matter as much as the fact that we care for our clients.  We believe that you have a right to own a home and instead of waiting to be evicted by your landlord, we will help you evict the landlord from your wallet, slay your rent and own your own home.

So if you are tired of renting and want to serve your landlord an eviction notice, you are in the right place!  All you need to do now is click the link and we will be in touch ASAP.