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Rent Slayer is more than mortgage professionals. For years, we have seen people living under the weight of renting simply because they think that they cannot get a mortgage. We help people get their dream homes by providing them with the mortgage options that are suitable to their needs. So whether you think you don't have the money to buy or your credit is too bad, we want to invite you to take the first step in Slaying Your Rent by filling out our online application today!

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This is a true personalized support. You get to contact us directly, not a call center.


We walk our clients through the entire process and even if they are unable to qualify at the time of application, we don’t dismiss them but provide them with recommendations and a credit analysis with the needed steps to get to their goal.


Our commitment to exceptional service is what separates us from the rest of the mortgage companies out there. We stand on our promise to deliver results!


Over 40 years of combined experience helping families achieve homeownership there is very little we can't guide you on.


We work with a good number of top real estate agents that share our vision of providing exceptional service and delivering results.


Whether in Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania you can rest assured that our staff is readily available to assist you in your buying or refinancing needs.


The Rent Slayer and his team are committed to delivering exceptional service to all our customers and clients alike. We understand that communication and attention to detail are of the utmost importance in order to deliver the results and satisfaction of those we serve.


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